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Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Wants You To Vote For Which Watch Will Return In 2017

You, watch lovers, have a hand to choose the next “reissue” Cheap Tag Heuer Replica design. A few decades ago, when the Heuer was called the Heuer, Ottavia helped to determine the coolness of the 1970s. TAG Heuer will re-issue a historic “Autavia” model in 2017 and release the “Aodia Cup” in the “Burson-Marsteller Times” and will select one of the 16 options And fantasy history of the TAG Heuer Autavia models of the special website. You can vote on the official micro website on March 17, 2016, but you can vote in the poll box below. From March 17th, go to the official website of Autavia Cup.

TAG Heuer has done a very interesting thing here, so that lovers can choose a watch that looks like a Mick Jagger watch. It creates an interesting duality in the marketing strategy, and you still have more Tag Heuer Replica Watches, a youth-oriented marketing campaign, and make a serious zealous community in trouble. The dynamic activity placed in the hands of the fans is a rare Swiss brand, but also a welcome move.

Into the 16 watch vote, everyone has a Tag Heuer Replica and I know there will be a few people who will start saliva, reissue Heuer Autavia with panda dialing now, on sports and other specs, there is not much information, even though we Know that the old version of the measurement width is only 42mm, today is still suitable. Look and read about the watch, we will tell you which one is our favorite and let you vote after seeing the following.

A reference to the dial 2446 is a special order pattern on the dial, from the mid-1960s to the 1960s, using the second implementation. In addition to the speedometer scale, the dial also has complementary light-emitting triangles and metal marks applied, and the number “12” is also on the metal. The match is a polished steel with a light-emitting plug. The reference to the Tachymeter scale on the dial 3646 is a special order model from the mid-1960s to the mid-1960s using the Cheap Replica Watches second executive case. In addition to the speedometer scale, the dial also has a complementary light-emitting triangle and the application of the metal mark, the metal also contains the numbers “12” and “6”. The match is a polished steel with a light-emitting plug.

The match is a polished steel with a light-emitting plug. This version of Autavia was worn by Mario Andretti, who won Formula One World Champion and Indianapolis 500. The dial is equipped with a light-emitting mark, and the numbers “12” and “6” are also in the lacquer. The first implementation case has a wider border than the second implementation case.
The first version of the Autavia 12 chronograph has a large register and a large palm, completely covered with Cheap Tag Heuer Replica luminescent materials. Dial with a light-emitting mark, the number “12” is also in the lacquer. The first implementation case has a wider border than the second implementation case.

Again, the Autavia Cup official vote began on March 17th, starting with the “Basel New World” in 2016, and the last four were selected on April 14. Then, on April 18, Jean-Claude Biver himself announced the award-winning watch, which we will see in the 2017 “Basel World” year. Personally, No. 11 stands out for me. Panda dial is just a victory look, you can not see one. but! It is a democracy, we want to see your thoughts, so vote in the following opinion polls.

Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Chronograph Watch Reissue

Accord Cheap Tag Heuer Replica will be re-issued this year, and the new world of Basel 2016 TAG Heuer Monza new generation may make enthusiasts get great encouragement. At the Autavia Cup’s high heels, fans were asked to vote for their favorite old TAG Heuer Autavia to re-issue, and we saw the most popular release of Tag Heuer Replica Watches, originally designed by Jack Heuer in 1976 to commemorate Kirada’s first world champion at the Ferrari World Championship. Only some small updates and overall styling are the same as the original, the TAG Heuer Monza chronograph reissue is how to reissue – do not conform to and keep the spirit of its predecessor.

Some of Monza’s history: watches were originally introduced in the 1930s and experienced several iterations over decades. At the end of this article, Tag Heuer Replica there are some noteworthy images of historical models, but this reissue is dedicated to reviving the whole blacks of the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Familiar with the black buffer box, pulse meter, speedometer and red touch, balanced with beige hour markers, making the coolest chronograph watch one of the periods.

So what’s new? Well, the first is the automatic caliber 17 movement, for many contemporary tyranny chronograph. They also used older steel shells, replaced with lighter 5-grade titanium, and then coated with titanium carbide black appearance. They also adjusted the size of the modern preference, reaching 39 mm in the case of 42 mm while moving the crown to the right. The back is also engraved with a shiny Cheap Replica Watches logo. In addition to these changes, they left the original everything. I think this reissue is to show that the best thing you can sometimes do is to show that when to leave the “update” when the show restraint.

While we have to wait and see if the Tag Heuer Replica Watches China models will be reissued in 2017, the Monza will certainly inspire buyers to look for this invariable retro look and update today’s tastes. To a certain extent, TAG Heuer is communicating with fans of old-fashioned works by attracting young Swiss watch buyers and interested buyers of high-end smart watches. We can not wait to see the watch personally look at the appearance and feeling on the wrist.